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6 Simple ways to reduce toxins from your home

When I first started changing the way we ate it felt overwhelming, the more I learned the more I became aware that not only our food supply was tainted, but everything from our shampoo, to our cleaning products, and even the clothes we are wearing were making us sick. That’s why I wanted to share these 6 Simple ways to reduce toxins from your home!

I knew that for me I needed to start slow, deal with the food issue first, then start working on my home. I’ve known people to toss everything in their cabinets (for good reason) only to eventually end up right back where they were. When we fully understand why we are “making the switch” it makes it a lot simpler to stick to it, and we aren’t swayed back by the cheaper alternative, or feeling like “how bad can it be?”


Why we should make the changes

Michael A. Evans, Ph.D. Associate Professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine believes 70-80% of cancer cases are due to synthetic chemicals that are not themselves carcinogenic but become carcinogenic when they interact with other environmental or genetic factors.

There are currently about 55,000 chemical compounds in the making, 3,000 chemicals that are added to the food we eat. As many as 10,000 added for storing and processing food, and 700 to our water supply!

There is no doubt that we need to do something to protect ourselves, but what? It can be overwhelming to know where to start. Everything that we love and live for day to day would all get put on the back burner if we or someone in our family got a bad report from the doctor…….Its time to make changes!

I want to share with you some cheap and easy ways that I have reduced toxins in our home.

  1. Replace your shower curtain liner-You may be surprised, but the plastic or vinyl liner next to you in the shower is very toxic. We all know the smell when we break open a new plastic liner, that smell is built up toxic gases that can be one of the MOST TOXIC chemicals in our home!  PVC’s (polyvinyl chloride) is a chemical that often mixed with softening chemicals called plasticizers, which can also be found in hoses, raincoats, air fresheners, and vinyl flooring, etc. They have been linked to hormone imbalances, early or delayed puberty, breast and brain cancers, disturbed lactation and more!! Replace with non -chemical plastic linerBuy a PVC free shower liner here, or fabric liners.Buy a non toxic fabric liner here
  2. Shower Filter- I know….a lot is going on in our bathrooms, but here’s why. Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies. When we take a shower, our skin is “drinking” in contaminates in our water supply. We think to filter our drinking water, but not the water our skin drinks in. Our water supply has so many toxins, from pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides, and industrial farming to mention a few. Then on top of that it’s often bleached, disinfected, and deodorized. It is SO important to filter this water, and for the small amount, it costs, its very doable.Buy a shower filter here
  3. Air fresheners- Things like candles, plug-ins, freshener sprays, and candle melting pots are examples of smell good products that are making the air inside our homes toxic. I know these things are hard to give up. When I first stopped using plug-ins after learning the dangers of them, I would only plug them in in the fall. I wanted my house to smell like fall, but I had to ask myself if it was worth making our air toxic for even that one season. Most of us will think it can’t be that bad, but its bad believe me. Some side effects of these chemicals are throat irritation, nausea, headaches, loss of coordination, damage to liver and kidney, could cause birth defects, affect physical growth, and puberty, and some can even cause cancer in animals and humans. Most candles can cause lead poisoning from the wicks. Jarome O. Nriagn Ph.D. found that burning four metal wick candles for 2 hours resulted in airborne lead concentrations that were dangerous to human health! These effects could also be in anti-bacterial cleaners, dishwasher and laundry products, oven and toilet bowl cleaners and more! Check out below ways I make my house smell good!
  4. Cleaning products- These go hand and hand with the effects of what’s mentioned above. Different cleaning supplies can have different symptoms associated with them.  This can be as hard as the “smell goods” because I know for me personally, I love the smell of cleaners like pledge and Windex. I now use a natural Windex spray and an essential oil all-purpose cleaner called thieves and I love it! It may seem pricy, but it’s concentrated and lasts a really long time.Buy Thieves cleaner here
  5. House plants- Did you know that house plants can filter indoor air by removing toxins and particles? Plants like spider plants, English Ivy, Peace lilies, and Devils Ivy are known to be top anti-pollutant houseplants. They can reduce up to 87% of air toxins reducing the chance of getting sick!
  6. Open your windows- The air in our homes is more toxic than the outside air we breathe. Opening your windows for 15 minutes a day can improve air quality and reduce pollution in our homes. It helps circulate the stagnate air and I believe it can make you feel better!

  • As mentioned above, here are some ways I make my home smell good!

  1.  Make a room spray. I use small glass bottles and put about 20 drops of essential oils and fill with filtered water. Shake and use. My favorite combo? Lavender and Rosemary!Buy rosemary oil hereBuy Lavender oil here
  2. Drop about 5 drops of your favorite essential oil in your drains, for my kitchen I use lemon or orange.Buy orange essential oil hereBuy Lemon essential oil here
  3. Drop a few drops of essential oils in your toilet paper roll, every time you get some TP you can smell the oils!
  4. Buy an Essential oil diffuser.Buy a diffuser here
  5. I use my old melts warmer for essential oils by putting a couple of tablespoon almond oil and about 10-15 drops of essential oil! I get lots of compliments on vetiver oil.Buy vetiver oil here
  6. I drop about 10 drops of lavender or tea tree on to my vacuum filter when you vacuum the smell will fill the air!Buy tea tree oil here
  7. If you have a stinky spot like by the trash or a litter box, in a small dish put ¼ cup asking soda and around 10 drops of your favorite essential oil.

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These are so simple cheap ways to reduce the toxins in your home! Don’t wait, choose one or two of these to start with!

Want other ways to reduce toxins? Check out my post on How to disinfect naturally through the winter!

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