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Benefits of Oil Pulling

When I was a kid, my grandma had a strong conviction about tooth and eye health. Of course, she made sure we brushed and flossed regularly. She would even ask to smell my brother’s breathe, who was likely to wet his toothbrush and move on…and….she wasn’t going to let our weekly brushing with baking soda, and rinsing with hydrogen Peroxide slip. Even though I was the one to be faithful to brush and floss, our 6-month cleaning would usually result in my toothbrush wetting brother having no cavities, and me HAVING cavities. Talk about frustrating!

me and grandma

Well, that seems to continue through the years. I wouldn’t want to get cleanings, because I would usually hear the words “we have some cavities we need to fix.” You’d think working at a dentist’s office would have changed things, but nope!

In recent years, my dental health has improved. There’s a couple of things I’ve done differently. One of them is I started making my own toothpaste. I really enjoy using a product when I know exactly what’s in it! Another thing I started doing several years ago was oil pulling. Maybe some of you haven’t heard of it before, or maybe some of you have, and you’re wondering if it would be worth your time.

Results of Poor Oral Hygiene

Yes, taking care of our teeth is important, maybe even more important than you realize. Bacteria is the primary cause of dental decay. These bacteria can multiply very quickly, even within a day. Not brushing and flossing regularly can cause problems that go beyond your mouth. Gingivitis can lead to gum disease where bacteria and plaque build between the teeth and gums. This can turn into a worse condition called periodontitis. Not only does all the bacteria cause problems in the mouth, but it can cause health problems throughout your body. Some of these problems are Heart disease, dementia, respiratory infections (due to infection that can be breathed into the lungs), infertility, cancer, and much more!

Oil Pulling is not a trend, it has benefits!

Oil pulling has been used for thousands of years as a practice in Ayurvedic health care. Studies have shown it to have many benefits. Although sesame oil was originally used in Ayurvedic times, coconut oil is best to use because of its many benefits. Coconut oil is not only highly absorbable, but contains lauric acid that can kill harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses.  The oil attracts other fat-soluble toxins in a process of chelating or pulling toxins. Here are some of the benefits people have experienced from oil pulling.

  • Whitens teeth
  • Pulls toxins from the body and removes harmful bacteria and organisms from the mouth, teeth, and throat.
  • It helps relieve headaches and migraines.
  • Decreases risk of gingivitis
  • Helps heal bleeding gums
  • Helps heal tooth decay
  • Can be effective as a mouth wash for killing bad breathe, without killing good bacteria.
  • Because root canals are dead tissue, they can breed bacteria, Oil pulling can pull bacteria from around root canal teeth.

Instructions for Oil Pulling

  • About one tablespoon organic coconut oil (recommended) organic sesame oil, or organic olive oil.
  • For additional benefits try a drop of Oil of oregano Buy oil of oregano here which can help kill candida, treat gingivitis, natural antibiotic. Frankincense-Buy frankincense oil here great for overall oral health boosts immunity, preventive for oral issues. Tea Tree- Buy Tea Tree oil here helps treat gingivitis, bad breath, and thrush.
  • After brushing and flossing take 1 tablespoon of oil and swish for 10-20 minutes a day. Swish the oil gently through your mouth and teeth, if your jaws get sore, just rest and then start swishing until the time is up.
  • Do not swallow the oil because it is full of bacteria.
  • Spit into the trash can. Don’t spit down the drain especially if it’s coconut oil, because it will clog the drain.
  • *If using coconut oil and it’s hard after you put it in your mouth it will soften in just a few seconds.
  • * If adding essential oils for added benefits, you can add 1-2 drops on the tablespoon each time, or what I do is fill a small mason jar with the coconut oil and mix in about 5 drops of each of the oils listed above, and keep the oil and a spoon in the bathroom.
  • *It is recommended to do this on an empty stomach. Morning is best, but it can be done at any time of day.
  • * A good time to do it is when you’re in the shower. Remember not to spit down the drain.

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