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Why you should use Manuka Honey

The amazing benefits of our food found in nature never cease to amaze me.  There are healing benefits all around us, even in our own backyard. Although we are programmed to run to the doctor for conventional treatment, (which is sometimes necessary) so much healing can be found in God’s creation. Manuka honey is one of those great creations. I’m going to give you some reasons why you should use manuka honey!

manuka honey

Several years ago I read about the fascinating benefits of Manuka Honey.  Local honey has many healing properties, but this honey is a step above and helps in different ways. Manuka honey is produced in New Zealand and is derived from bees that pollinate the Manuka tree (also known as the Tea Tree Bush). This honey is commonly sold as an alternative medicine and has been studied for its unique healing properties! Not only is this honey anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and antiinflammatory, but it is also one of the most powerful anti-microbial sources there is. When something is anti-microbial it means it can kill microorganisms (such as bacteria and viruses) by suppressing their multiplication!

Benefits of Manuka Honey

  • It shows effectiveness in killing bacteria that cause chronic sinusitis, which affects millions of people each year.
  • Web MD stated that when researchers tested Manuka Honey against bacteria such as MSSA, MRSA, and PA, it was effective in killing the bacteria and worked significantly better than an antibiotic against MSSA, AND MRSA, and even could make MRSA more sensitive to some antibiotics. (Pretty impressive huh?)
  • Manuka honey in some cases outperformed conventional antibiotics without antibiotic resistance, and is said to have more antibacterial activity than pharmaceuticals!

Antibiotic use is on the rise. Although antibiotics have saved lives and are good in a lot of situations, they are commonly overused in America.  According to CBS News, 4 out of 5 Americans are prescribed antibiotics each year, making them lose their punch and making infections harder to treat. In 2010 doctors prescribed 258 million antibiotics! Most of these patients were children. Having 4 children, I have had doctors suggest an antibiotic for viruses that just needed to run their course. Gratefully none of my kids have been on antibiotics, and we have used nature to work for us in this area.

Aside from using Manuka honey Buy Manuka honey here for things like sore throats, colds, and sinus infections, there are many other reasons to have this amazing honey on hand!

More Reasons Why You Should Use Manuka Honey

  • Wound healing- stimulates healing and reduces scarring.
  • Alleviates gingivitis and improves oral health.
  • Improves sleep- it slowly releases glycogen which is needed for sleep.
  • It helps skin conditions such as acne and dermatitis. I have recently whisked this into the body butter that I make, and I have seen remarkable results in just a few days with dermatitis I have dealt with. I’m going to continue to track the results. Check out the end of the post to read the results.
  • This honey helps relieve indigestion and gastric ulcers.
  • Relieves symptoms of eye problems like pink eye.

Not all bottles labeled Manuka honey are the same Buy Manuka honey here. There are some things you need to look for before purchasing some for yourself.

What to look for when buying manuka honey

*First, make sure it’s UMF certified. The Manuka tree has different strains of antibacterial properties, and the UMF describes these properties.  The UMF also protects your rights as a consumer because not all Manuka honey has special properties. The ones that do can vary in strength. A number without the UMF could not be genuine. Here’s a breakdown.

Grades of Manuka Honey

  • UMF of 5-9- Low grade- general honey health benefits
  • UMF of 10-14 Medium grade, can be used for natural healing
  • UMF of 15+ Superior grade, superior healing properties, and highly therapeutic (don’t exceed more than a tablespoon at a time)

Also always make sure the honey is produced in New Zealand and is raw.

Yes, Manuka honey is on the expensive side, but considering its benefits, it’s definitely worth having around. How much is $40-$60 considering the amount that can be spent on doctors and prescriptions? Buy Manuka honey here  I have used Manuka honey for several years, and just take a couple of teaspoons a day if I think the symptoms are worsening. You can mix with Ceylon cinnamon Get Ceylon Cinnamon here for added benefits. Ceylon cinnamon is called “real cinnamon” and has more health benefits.

*Always consult with your doctor before using it. If you are on chemotherapy or have diabetes consult with your doctor before taking Manuka Honey. Never give honey to babies under 1. Do not take it if you are allergic to honey or honey bees.

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Manuka Honey topically

I have been making this homemade lotion for my extreme dermatitis that I dealt with for 18 years. I tried so many over-the-counter products for dermatitis, itchy skin, and eczema. Nothing seemed to work and it seemed to get worse over the years I would sadly anticipate the cold months because my skin would start to itch and scab. I started making homemade lotion first with local honey then switched to manuka. Within a couple of weeks of cleansing my liver and applying this homemade lotion, my legs began to heal! It has been several years now since I’ve had an outbreak. My hope it that people will ditch the chemicals and use the natural things God put on the earth.

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