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Fermented Honey & Garlic

Garlic, yum…..honey, yum…..Put these two superfoods together and you get an awesome cold and flu remedy, and the amazing benefits of fermentation!
Prep Time15 mins
Total Time15 mins
Course: Health and wellness
Keyword: fermented honey and garlic, fermented honey and garlic remedy, natural cold and flu remedies
Yield: 1 jar
Author: elkeliving



  • Peel garlic by placing garlic under the flat part of a wide knife and hitting it gently. The peels should come off pretty easy, or place garlic in a jar with a lid and shake until garlic peels begin to loosen, then peel.
  • Use enough garlic to fill your small mason jar about ¾ the way full.
  • Pour local honey over until it just covers the garlic.
  • Place in a cool dark place, and turn or shake daily to make sure garlic is coated with the honey so mold doesn't grow.
  • Burp if necessary. (You may need to do this the first few weeks, but then it gets less active as it goes along.)
  • Do this for a month or up to a year. (I have some almost a year old, and it tastes like candy!)


After a week or two, you will notice the honey will get thinner because of the liquid being released from the garlic, and the garlic will start to sink rather than float. When it sinks you no longer have to shake or turn daily. 
  • You can eat a clove a day at the first signs of a cold.
  • Babies should not have honey until they are over a year old.
  • If you have a concern for botulism, do your research and test the PH level, although the average PH of honey is too acidic for botulism.
  • You could also consider adding a teaspoon or 2 of ACV, which can also reduce the chances of botulism.
  • Enjoy, and be healthy!!!