About Elke

Hi my name is Elke, pronounced Elka, thanks for visiting my page!

I have a handsome husband of 14 years, and four awesome kids, and I love to cook for them!
I have always loved healthy foods but…. Alongside my bag of Doritos, Jiff peanut butter, and big tub of country crock butter.


After having my firstborn Aubrey I started paying more attention to the labels on our food and notice things like “non-GMO,”  and “no MSG”. These sparked my interest and I started investigating. I was amazed at all the poisons they were adding to our food and every day products! Don’t these people have families??

timand kids

I took baby steps in transforming the meals I was putting in front of my family to eat. I got rid of one bad thing at a time, started making more things from scratch, and cleverly snuck good things into my kids food to transform it into something healthy. My love for health inspired me to become a Certified Health Coach, which was a big accomplishment with our busy family. Im hoping in the near future to further my education and become a certified Master Herbalist!


Here I am 10 years later,  not perfect but better off than I was when I started. I am still on this journey to becoming healthy.


Check out this blog for fun healthy recipes, clever ways to get your kids to eat healthy, and even some homemade household products.