Brussels Sprouts with Garlic Brown Butter

Have you ever said “wow” when you ate ¬†brussels sprouts? Thats what came out of my mouth when I ate the best brussels sprouts I ever had. We were invited to dinner at a former chef and his families home. He and his wife were both amazing cooks. If I remember the menu correctly we had swordfish, homemade macaroni and cheese, caprese salad, and, yes, … Continue reading Brussels Sprouts with Garlic Brown Butter

No-Bake Raw Coconut Macaroons

If you have ever shopped with a strong willed toddler, you’ll be able to relate to my recent shopping trip with my youngest. Our window for a peaceful shopping experience was quickly coming to an end when he saw the new Christmas stock of toy cars and trucks pilled high. “Mama, is this mine?” (a question he’s been asking quite often) “no, they aren’t yours, … Continue reading No-Bake Raw Coconut Macaroons

How to Disinfect Naturally Through the Winter

Even though most of us love the beauty of the fall and winter months, we do not love what often comes along with it. With four kids, we have had our fair share of runny noses, viruses and more….and when one person brings something home the first thing we want to do is disinfect. We want to spray everything down right? Light switches, doorhandles, remotes, … Continue reading How to Disinfect Naturally Through the Winter

Easy Raw Protein Granola Bars

Granola bars are a favorite among Americans. We wake up, grab a granola bar and rush out the door to begin our busy days. We pack our kids lunch and toss one in, thinking it will be a healthy addition. I mean, we’re talking about oats, and oats are good right? Yeah, they are…..but its not the oats thats the concern, its everything that surrounds … Continue reading Easy Raw Protein Granola Bars