Raw Chocolate Raspberry Mousse

Have you ever found yourself hooked to something and you wondered when it happened? You pondered it, thought about it, and you couldn’t  remember when it must have gripped you so tightly.  You know at some point there was a switch, a time when you felt you couldnt turn back, you couldn’t stop even if you wanted to. Maybe it lured you in a little … Continue reading Raw Chocolate Raspberry Mousse

Frozen Yogurt and Chia Bites

Im always trying to create fun healthy snacks for the kids. My hope is that when someone offers them, say, a pack of m&m’s, they politely decline, reflecting on the dye and artificial free snacks I have made them. We aren’t quite there yet, but I can be hopeful right? I have to be honest, over the years I have seen a lot of “whatever” … Continue reading Frozen Yogurt and Chia Bites

Chia Pudding

Does anyone else feel like breakfast foods are full of sugar? Americans consume about 170 pounds of sugar a year, up from under 20 pounds per year in the 1700’s! Sugar has been associated with over 60 ailments including but not limited to allergies, anxiety, cancer, arthritis, behavior problems, diabetes, eczema, fatigue, heart disease, weakened immunity, osteoporosis, and ulcers just to name a few. We … Continue reading Chia Pudding

Easy Spiced Coconut Granola

What’s in your granola? I searched out several popular brands of granola and checked out their ingredient labels, and what I found was disappointing…. To the consumer words like “natural” and “nourishing” can be far from true and definitely misleading! When I simply turned them over to read the label, these popular granola brands were full of hidden MSG, GMO’s, soy, and even BHT! This … Continue reading Easy Spiced Coconut Granola

Fudgy Chocolate Avocado Cookies

I’m always thinking of ways to sneak something healthy into my kids food. I have to admit, I feel like such a prankster when I’m doing it. One time I made Black Bean Brownies. I served them up like they were getting the treat of the century. They gobbled them up and asked for more. After they ate them and the only thing left were … Continue reading Fudgy Chocolate Avocado Cookies

Raw Energy Balls

Have you found its hard to find quick healthy options for breakfast or snacks….? I know I have. Let’s talk breakfast for minute. I think most Americans breakfast consist of processed cereal, toaster waffles,  oversweetened oatmeal, and I hope I’m not right….but pop tarts. You may wonder why these are bad, well,  these processed morning treats are full of GMO’s and MSG which cause more … Continue reading Raw Energy Balls