How to Disinfect Naturally Through the Winter

Even though most of us love the beauty of the fall and winter months, we do not love what often comes along with it. With four kids, we have had our fair share of runny noses, viruses and more….and when one person brings something home the first thing we want to do is disinfect. We want to spray everything down right? Light switches, doorhandles, remotes, … Continue reading How to Disinfect Naturally Through the Winter

6 Simple ways to reduce toxins from your home

When I first started changing the way we ate it felt overwhelming, the more I learned the more I became aware that not only our food supply was tainted, but everything from our shampoo, to our cleaning products, and even the clothes we are wearing were making us sick. I knew that for me I needed to start slow, deal with the food issue first, … Continue reading 6 Simple ways to reduce toxins from your home

Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie

I love to incorporate turmeric into our diets because it is a powerful herb to say the least. As much as we love Golden Milk, in the hot summer months we don’t always want to drink a hot drink. Through this summer I have found the best way to use our Turmeric Paste is to add it to smoothies. Did you know that most diseases … Continue reading Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie

Raw Chocolate Raspberry Mousse

Have you ever found yourself hooked to something and you wondered when it happened? You pondered it, thought about it, and you couldn’t  remember when it must have gripped you so tightly.  You know at some point there was a switch, a time when you felt you couldnt turn back, you couldn’t stop even if you wanted to. Maybe it lured you in a little … Continue reading Raw Chocolate Raspberry Mousse