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A few years ago I had a little bit of a scare. I was at a New Years Eve party, and I happened to put my fingers under my chin. I noticed a lump on my neck directly under the center of my chin. I remember going on with my evening and not thinking a whole lot about it. A couple days later, I noticed that it had  gotten bigger. I thought it may be a swollen lymph node and was coming down with something…..but I felt fine. I started to feel a little worried…… It wasn’t getting any smaller.  The days went on and it probably as big as a quarter. When I was casually talking to people it stuck out so far that  they would look at it and ask me about it.  Negative thoughts were consuming me, but I did my best to act like nothing and keep my words positive and go on.


Tim could tell I was stressing about it so he suggested I get it checked. I made an appointment. When the day came to go, I met with the doctor. He seemed a little concerned because I hadn’t felt sick in any way. He ran a test to check my white blood cell count,( because of the possibility of lymphoma) put me on a strong antibiotic, and sent me home to wait for the results. He said if the antibiotic didn’t cause it to go down to make another appointment.

So I waited……come on, does it really take 2 days to get results back from blood tests? That is way to long to wait for a phone call! Well, he called, and everything was normal….what a relief! I continued to take the antibiotic until they were finished. By the time I finished the bottle it had gone down a little, but was still quite big…….I didn’t call him back…..believe it or not it took close to a year to go all the way down!

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From there I continued to speak the word and started reading about what I could do to cleanse/strengthen my lymphatic system. In my reading I came across dry brushing, and its something I’ve made a routine of mine ever since! It quick, and cheap, and in my option, necessary.

Overview of the Lymphatic System

The Lymphatic system helps remove waste and toxins from your body, and cleanses the fluid that surrounds the cells so you don’t get sick!

The lymph fluid sets under your skin, theres nothing in your body to pump it (like your heart pumps blood) so we have to keep it moving!  Dry brushing is a great way to do that.   If this fluid builds up we will have puffy eyes, feel swollen, and heavy! YUK!


Some benefits of dry brushing

  • It helps stimulate the lymphatic system and increases blood circulation, which encourages release of waste and toxins from our bodies.
  • Helps the body to fight disease and increases immunity.
  • Removes dead dry skin and allows your skin to detox.
  • Helps reduce appearance of cellulite by breaking down fat deposits below the skin.
  • Helps reduce stress. (When you are less stressed your body heals quicker, so its crucial to find ways to eliminate stress.)

Directions for dry brushing

  • Buy a natural bristle brush that has a long handle. Buy Natural Dry Brushing Kit here
  • Best to do before a shower or bath when clothes are removed and you can rinse afterward.
  • Starting at feet firmly (but not to hard) brush in an upward motion, toward the heart, moving up the legs (front and back) using several strokes so you don’t miss any areas.
  • Brush in a circular motion around belly button then up sides of stomach.
  • Brush up each arm and from your back and over your shoulder toward your heart. move around the breast area in a circular motion.
  • Avoid sensitive areas like breasts, genital areas, face, and open wounds.
  • Take a bath or shower as usual.
  • Pat dry and moisturize with a natural moisturizer like shea butterBuy the shea butter I have here or almond oilBuy the almond oil I use here (two of my favorites) Remember anything you put on your skin enters your blood stream in just seconds!
  • REMEMBER never brush downward toward feet, that can cause varicose veins, or broken blood vessels.

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4 thoughts on “Dry Brushing

  1. Thank you for posting this great information. I have struggled with thyroid issues since a partial hysterectomy about 12 years ago. But the last few years I have noticed swelling around my ankles as well as the inside of both knees about 3 inches in length. I’ve always had swollen eyes and dark underneath. But this is a real incentive to give this a try.

    Again, this information is timely.

    1. That’s great Mary. I do hope you will try this!
      Also eating a healthy diet and rebounding ( like jumping on a trampoline) is also great for the lymphatic system.
      Hope to hear you see some changes😊😘

  2. What doe you do with the shea butter? Do you melt it down or use plain, the link for amazon you left on your site looks a like it is solid form.

    1. This is the shea butter I use and it’s very thick, but not solid. I scoop about a tsp into my hand and it softens as you rub it into your skin. It works very good for my dry skin. 😊

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